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This jam from Pete has this cool open "garage band" jam feel for me.
I wanted to keep an open and loose vibe going on a bunch of buddies having fun and just winging it..:)

Thanks Pete...awesome jam!!


September 12 2016 20:28:12
abuitremoremabuitremorem cool guitar Ron! You have more than a broad spectrum and can express yourself very differentiated. I admire that.
+1 September 13 2016 03:18:01 abuitremoremmortheol
Rene, that is very nice of you to say this to Vielen Dank mein Freund.
September 12 2016 16:53:40
petebasspetebass Hey Ronsmile.gif I love it buddy, superb guitar work, and we are two buddies jamming together, just a bit of water between ussmile.gifWink
+1 September 13 2016 03:15:40 petebassmortheol
Thanks Petesmile.gif Just running a bit loose and wild on this one..a tad tipsy when I did itsmile.gif
If ever we are in each other's backyard we shall meet and jamGrin
September 12 2016 16:49:48
NewbieSaxNewbieSax Awesome guitar on some solid groooove!!!
+1 September 13 2016 03:13:30 NewbieSaxmortheol
Thanks Newbie, freestyle jamsmile.gif
September 12 2016 16:06:23
piperpiper Shock Wild man!!! Wink
+1 September 13 2016 03:12:41 pipermortheol
What, who me?Pfft
Thanks PPsmile.gif
September 13 2016 14:15:52 piperpiper
Yeah you, Funky monkey man! Shock
September 12 2016 10:57:41
AKchenAKchen wooooooow, awesome, yes !!!! smile.gif
+1 September 13 2016 03:12:09 AKchenmortheol
Thanks Andrea!! I was having some funsmile.gif
September 12 2016 08:32:59
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Most excellent trip!! This guitar is awesome Ron! Love it!! smile.gif
+1 September 13 2016 03:11:24 frankyguitarmortheol
Thanks Frank, this one was pretty wild and all over the place. Probabaly too much vino!!smile.gif
September 12 2016 05:10:40
Ernie440Ernie440 Cool jammin!! Free form psychedelifunk ... too trippy!! Campfire wine stone groovy bro.
+1 September 12 2016 05:15:54 Ernie440mortheol
Camp fire wine is the BESTGrin
Thanks Ernie!!
September 12 2016 04:49:36
GemmyFGemmyF you dudes is shreddin', what's that you're drinking, you got any extra?
You got a chair? My name's Muuch. What's ya'll name. Oh ok I'll be quiet............Hey can yall play freebird......yeah freebird.......Isaid FREEBIRD!!!....I can play the intro to the House of the rising an extra guitar....... I sang pretty good in the shower, got a mic?

Jam session was cut short!
A. did the wife send Muuch over,
B. the next door neighbors send Muuch over
C. they colluded together with the scheme?

+1 September 12 2016 04:53:30 GemmyFmortheol
The wife and I just polished off a nice bottle of Shiraz by the camp fire tonight..she got sleepy so I came in and jammed some Grin
Sounds like: [ Garage Band Jam ]
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