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Czech Republic


Lenny Cowler
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Without guitar solo. For vocals or lead instruments.


October 04 2016 03:26:33
aleonzaleonz you added a great atmosphere on this track Kei!
+1 October 23 2016 01:38:18 aleonzKeiton
Thank you so much Alice。
September 21 2016 21:55:55
SupJaxSupJax wow. deep. dark. reminds me of Uriah Heep's Very 'eavy. dunno why. doesn't matter. you did awesome
+1 September 22 2016 01:48:12 SupJaxKeiton
Thank you so much Sup. You can do it something If you have the other ideas and opinionsmile.gif
September 18 2016 14:17:34
StefStef Fantastic keys and atmosphere Kei! smile.gif
+1 September 22 2016 01:44:28 StefKeiton
I'm not a keyboardist, So I was using one finger haha. Thank you so much for listening Stef smile.gif
September 18 2016 09:45:39
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Oh Kei, thats wonderful mood and depth you added with the keys, great work my friend!!
+1 September 22 2016 01:40:45 frankyguitarKeiton
Yes I wanted depth as you said. in fact work is very easy. But choosing the notes was very difficult. Thanks for listening my friend smile.gif
September 18 2016 06:40:20
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler great brosmile.gif
+1 September 18 2016 08:04:04 Lenny CowlerKeiton
Thanks a lot Lenny smile.gif I was playing keys. I'm not good at keys. But It's very easy because I'm using 1 finger smile.gif
September 18 2016 02:02:39
abuitremoremabuitremorem wow!!!
+1 September 18 2016 06:20:16 abuitremoremKeiton
Are you surprised? Thanks for the listen it smile.gif
September 18 2016 01:39:04
ivaxivax fantastic Keii smile.gif beautiful
+1 September 18 2016 01:53:09 ivaxKeiton
Thank you so much for listening. I'm so glad to hear your wordssmile.gif
September 18 2016 01:27:16
PsychoPsycho Wonderful piece of work here my friend !!
+1 September 18 2016 01:34:19 PsychoKeiton
Thanks a lot Brucesmile.gif This is an old song. I was always in the mood that this song. Now I feel that visibility is good
September 18 2016 00:57:39
axenvocsaxenvocs Awesome playing I'll see if I can come up with some vocals for this,
+1 September 18 2016 01:28:52 axenvocsKeiton
Thank you so much axen, Please do something If You come up
September 17 2016 21:24:06
GemmyFGemmyF Real Great Template Keiton!
+1 September 17 2016 22:47:05 GemmyFKeiton
Thank you so much Gemmy smile.gif I'm so glad to hear it smile.gif
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