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cody tripp
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Hope you may enjoy this play :) I added plains style native flute. Happy fall yall :)


October 11 2016 21:38:52
cody trippcody tripp Missed this one. Very cool
+0 October 13 2016 20:48:10 cody trippHiFiFlutes
Hi Tom smile.gif Thanks My friend. I'm happy you enjoyed this play smile.gif cool !
September 23 2016 23:05:59
AKchenAKchen playlisted, toll !!! smile.gif
+0 September 27 2016 04:24:39 AKchenHiFiFlutes
WoWsers !! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif Thanks Andrea I'm super pleased !! Make me happy for sure smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
September 23 2016 20:35:02
mecanumanmecanuman Light as a breeze
+0 September 27 2016 04:23:46 mecanumanHiFiFlutes
Howdy there smile.gif Thanks my friend. Super pleased when your feelin it smile.gif Thanks !!!!
September 23 2016 15:59:39
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce Sure, your very sweet flute with this sweet guitar reminds me of the sweetness of some peaceful fall evenings... Beautiful playing !
+0 September 27 2016 04:21:41 CaroljoyceHiFiFlutes
Hi Carol !! Thanks my friend, such a lovely compliment. I am extremely thankful that we can meet through this music smile.gif Thanks for checkin out this tune smile.gif smile.gif
September 27 2016 16:30:16 CaroljoyceCaroljoyce
Ever welcome, i like all of your flutes !!!
September 22 2016 23:48:51
PeterpingoPeterpingo You almost see the falling leaves from the threes in your mind's eye. Chris you really add wide horizons and landscapes with your play. Your touch, your timing and your phrasings are so brilliant. As always very enjoyable to listen to your work. Thanks.
+0 September 27 2016 04:18:43 PeterpingoHiFiFlutes
Hi Peter, WoW , What a thoughtful comment my friend. I'm super pleased that you enjoyed this tune, Your kind words are GREATLY appreciated ! Make me very happy smile.gif
September 22 2016 23:33:34
GemmyFGemmyF 94 Degrees here Chris, probably will be for another month! Real pretty playing! 1:14 or so---- WOW.
+0 September 27 2016 04:16:54 GemmyFHiFiFlutes
Thanks Gemmy !! I appreciate that ! It's fun to go through leaving feedback, get to re visit these tunes smile.gif brings my mood right back to that moment . cool !! THANKS !
September 22 2016 20:10:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler beatifulsmile.gif
+0 September 27 2016 04:14:46 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
Thanks Lenny smile.gif Glad you enjoyed this play smile.gif Much appreciated smile.gif
September 22 2016 19:57:18
titititi The ground is ochre and the tall grass! Attractive
+0 September 27 2016 04:13:14 titiHiFiFlutes
I find it amazing that you feel this way. I almost gave it a different title about walking in tall dry grasses and breeze. I'm so pleased cuz what you said was in my head whilst playing smile.gif
September 27 2016 04:13:47 titiHiFiFlutes
Thank you titi smile.gif

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