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Fantastic template of Tom with wonderful drums and bass of Ray and Ernie... too addictive for me

I added the piano

Thank you Tom, Ray and Ernie and thanks for listening


October 09 2016 18:12:11
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Yes!!!Perfectsmile.gif
September 26 2016 13:34:36
PewiPewi A really Fantastic template and with your keys ... superb!
September 24 2016 20:04:23
slonyatkoslonyatko Wow, nice piano! Congrats, Stef!
+1 September 24 2016 22:16:32 slonyatkoStef
Hi Slon, thank you so much! smile.gif
September 24 2016 12:42:42
aleonzaleonz thats made an excellent wrap an excellent combo here, Stef! you are so cool! hear that solo , man that so kickin!
+1 September 24 2016 22:16:13 aleonzStef
Dear Alice thank you so much for your always nice words! smile.gif
September 24 2016 09:11:32
frenziefrenzie You did it perfect stef! This is a cool jam! Enjoying it very much, JM made a perfect final mix! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 September 24 2016 22:15:26 frenzieStef
Thanks a lot Tom! Great guys here! smile.gif
September 24 2016 22:22:36 frenziefrenzie
yeah what a line up!!
September 24 2016 08:46:44
wikibebwikibeb cool boogie sfef
+1 September 24 2016 22:14:37 wikibebStef
Thank you so much Wiki! smile.gif
September 24 2016 06:02:00
rp3drumsrp3drums Absolutely perfect Stef. Love it, great playing, really showing off your chops! Thanks...
+1 September 24 2016 22:14:12 rp3drumsStef
Ray, I have to thank you and the other great guys who have made great this track and you gave me this opportunity! smile.gif
September 24 2016 03:26:19
PeterpingoPeterpingo Great work Stef. smile.gif Very good jam as a whole.
You know I love you Hammond but it´s really nice to hear you on the piano as well Cause your playing is WELL ! ! ! smile.gif

+1 September 24 2016 22:11:51 PeterpingoStef
Thank you so much Peter! Always kind! smile.gif
September 24 2016 01:36:06
Ernie440Ernie440 Stef, your keys make the difference, from OK to wonderful! Thanks a lot my friend, great playing as always smile.gif Wink
+1 September 24 2016 22:11:10 Ernie440Stef
Dear Ernie, I too say the same thing about you! Your bass is always a guarantee! smile.gif
September 24 2016 22:34:39 Ernie440Ernie440
hey, you are very kind, a true gentleman and a friend! smile.gif
September 24 2016 01:25:35
ivaxivax Great Stef smile.gif
+1 September 24 2016 22:08:50 ivaxStef
Gracias mi amigo! smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Piano boogie ]

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