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Hope you may enjoy this play :) Added plains style native flute. I know it's full but feel free to hack it , mix it, chop it, add to it, modify it :) :) : ) And enjoy :)


September 28 2016 19:10:10
GBDGBD I like how you maintained the Native flute soul in a rock format very creative
+0 October 02 2016 02:50:42 GBDHiFiFlutes
Hey Gbd, How are ya ? . Thanks for your comments and recent likes smile.gif Much appreciated ! I'm glad you dig this play my friend smile.gif stay tuned. in another few years this site will be of different magnitude. fun stuff !! THX smile.gif
September 26 2016 13:56:07
PewiPewi Oh yesss, that fits!smile.gif
+0 September 27 2016 06:08:41 PewiHiFiFlutes
Hi Pewi !! I'm happy you enjoyed this jam . Thank you smile.gif smile.gif
September 26 2016 11:24:49
cschlotecschlote Cool.
+0 September 27 2016 06:07:46 cschloteHiFiFlutes
Thanks my friend, I'm pleased you enjoyed this !! Much appreciated smile.gif smile.gif
September 26 2016 04:06:07
aleonzaleonz Hah i just wanna say what Pete said, Jethro! but with a thick HiFi colors, amazing how you fly through this track ...wonderful play Chris!
+0 September 27 2016 06:06:21 aleonzHiFiFlutes
Hi Alice !! Thanks so very much ! I'm super happy you enjoy this play !! THANKS smile.gif smile.gif
September 25 2016 14:48:16
petebasspetebass Hey Jethrosmile.gifgreat add Chris sounds awesomesmile.gifWink
+0 September 27 2016 06:05:12 petebassHiFiFlutes
Thank you mr. Pete smile.gif I'm pleased you dig the jam !! Killer fun !!
September 25 2016 14:16:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Amazing Chris!! Killer add my friend!! smile.gifsmile.gif
+0 September 27 2016 06:04:22 frankyguitarHiFiFlutes
Why thank you kind sir smile.gif Much appreciated. I'm happy you enjoyed this play !!!
September 25 2016 05:22:43
GemmyFGemmyF Man I have my warpaint on and ready to run white man off my lands!

This one get my injun blood going, my Scottish blood too.

Chris You kill this one!!!!!

+1 September 25 2016 14:18:14 GemmyFfrankyguitar
I'm poor, have only German and a bit French blood in my veins, but it boils Grin
September 27 2016 06:03:40 GemmyFHiFiFlutes
Hey Gemmy smile.gif Thanks smile.gif I'm super pleased you dig it !!! I love the energy in this track !
September 25 2016 03:27:32
StefStef It's amazing what you can do with your great flute! I'm impressed by the sound and your talent! Fantastic Chris! smile.gif
+1 September 27 2016 06:02:22 StefHiFiFlutes
Hi Stef smile.gif Thanks for kind words my friend smile.gif I'm super pleased you enjoyed this play. I really enjoyed playin along with yall smile.gif

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