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I hope you may enjoy this play, I just started playing and could not stop. maybe someone can mess with this still :) I added black locust wood plains style native flute :)


October 02 2016 12:50:09
StefStef Fantastic Chris! Your flute is a dream in the dream!! Thank you my friend! smile.gif
October 01 2016 13:03:31
PewiPewi oh yes, there is a flow. Nice!
+0 October 02 2016 03:04:22 PewiHiFiFlutes
Thank you Peter !! Much appreciated my friend !! smile.gif
September 29 2016 19:03:27
PeterpingoPeterpingo Wonderful Chris. smile.gif
+0 October 02 2016 03:03:35 PeterpingoHiFiFlutes
Hi Peter smile.gif Thanks my friend, I'm super pleased you enjoyed this play. THX smile.gif
September 28 2016 16:37:14
slinslin cool...
+0 October 02 2016 03:02:57 slinHiFiFlutes
Thanks slin ! I am pleased you dig it !! thanks for listening !!
September 28 2016 07:02:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler beatiful idea to beatiful songsmile.gif
+0 October 02 2016 03:02:11 Lenny CowlerHiFiFlutes
Thank you Lenny, Very kind of you to say smile.gif Super nice compliment !!
September 28 2016 05:57:53
AKchenAKchen so dreamy smile.gif
+0 October 02 2016 03:01:27 AKchenHiFiFlutes
Hi Andrea. I was in just this frame of mind whilst playing this, I am pleased you fell this smile.gif
September 28 2016 05:02:55
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal HiFiFlutes. bom trabalho
+0 October 02 2016 03:00:20 francisco alHiFiFlutes
Hello Francisco smile.gif Thank you smile.gif
September 28 2016 04:49:08
PsychoPsycho I know that "can't stop" feeling... oh well it happens, and I like it smile.gif Nice one Chris !!
+0 October 02 2016 02:59:46 PsychoHiFiFlutes
Thanks Bruce smile.gif much appreciated smile.gif I'm pleased that you enjoyed this play smile.gif
September 28 2016 03:11:50
GemmyFGemmyF Hey you better keep your eyes peel for that non imaginary bear I was talking about. Probably wanting to cozy on up to you playing this one.

Really some thing I hadn't heard from you before. You are really charging on. Great One Chris! you are now a balladeer!(Bears like to eat them so remember the horn!

+1 September 28 2016 03:22:02 GemmyFHiFiFlutes
Snake charmers have success with snakes, I will charm the bear to a teddy state ! No worries smile.gif Thanks Gemmy !

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