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Finally - after years of wanting one :) - I got a decent Hammond module for my keyboards! Probably the keyboard player i love to listen to the most is the late great Richard Wright of Pink Floyd. I loved how his Leslie-swirling Hammond chords added a richness to those great 'Floyd albums in the 70's. I tried my best to get the tone (All those drawbars!) and mix right here. Thanks Marceys and Jmrukkers for the Hammond-advice :).


October 17 2016 16:16:20
BigEBigE Man this is so good. Close your eyes and you're in Earl's Court!
+1 October 17 2016 19:09:08 BigEPaulBOwens
Thats a great compliment BigE! Thank you sir smile.gif
October 16 2016 06:34:13
GemmyFGemmyF Really Smooth !!!! Some Great playing !
October 03 2016 11:36:34
mpointonmpointon Oh man have you nailed it! Sooo great to hear this track again - one of your finest hours for me and you've had many here!

This Hammond add is just plain nuts-on and you've mixed it absolutely perfectly - it's there but it's not dominating! Cut this track open with a knife and it'll bleed pure Floyd. It's uncanny. smile.gif smile.gif

+0 October 03 2016 20:22:34 mpointonPaulBOwens
Cheers Martin - its great to have that level of control over the organ sound now - i was always restricted to whatever "hammond" sound was preset into the keyboards. I'm really enjoying tweaking the sound to fit the track. I'll learn as i go... smile.gif
October 02 2016 09:30:30
WoodstockWoodstock Super track Paul, love it!! smile.gif
+1 October 02 2016 13:44:06 WoodstockPaulBOwens
Thanks your your listen Woodstock smile.gif
October 02 2016 06:29:13
StefStef Wonderful Hammond sound Paul! You are amazing my friend! smile.gif
+1 October 02 2016 12:42:15 StefPaulBOwens
Thanks so much Stef smile.gif This is a big and very kind compliment
October 02 2016 02:50:27
RobMRobM Superb !!!!
+0 October 02 2016 12:42:25 RobMPaulBOwens
Cheers Rob
October 01 2016 23:51:08
PewiPewi Hi Paul, a very nice track! Because everything fits!
+1 October 02 2016 12:43:01 PewiPaulBOwens
Thats Pewi - i was aiming for a chilled out arrangement smile.gif
October 01 2016 23:04:09
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Truly pro caliber here. Blown away by the tone and the track overall. Sweeeeeet!
+1 October 02 2016 12:43:17 Danalyze45PaulBOwens
Much appreciated Dan - thank you
October 01 2016 21:44:13
FishinmissioFishinmissio Sounds great Paul smile.gif
+1 October 01 2016 21:47:51 FishinmissioPaulBOwens
Hi Mark - thanks for your listen smile.gif I am gonna have a lot of fun with this thing Wink
October 01 2016 20:33:07
Major 3rdMajor 3rd new module sounds great! pink floydish sound...excellent
+1 October 02 2016 12:43:36 Major 3rdPaulBOwens
Thanks Major
Sounds like: [ Richard Wright ]
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