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A beauty by Psycho and Pewi. And so it happened that I got something to do here. Wonderful track!
I've add a bit my Blondie with two different sounds. I played a bit lead over it. But a nice guitar slot is free for having fun with us.....
Also drums, bass, or what ever you feel for.... :-)


October 07 2016 14:05:57
jjdfjjdf cool!! Frankie smile.gif
+1 October 07 2016 19:13:07 jjdffrankyguitar
Many thanx JJ!! Great you like it !! smile.gif
October 06 2016 18:59:41
StefStef Great atmosphere in your add Franky! So good! smile.gif
+1 October 06 2016 21:47:28 Steffrankyguitar
Thank you very much Stef! I'm pleased you like it smile.gif
October 04 2016 21:55:02
abuitremoremabuitremorem smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
October 03 2016 22:08:05
PewiPewi Hi Franky, habe diese Version erst jetzt gesehen resp. gehört, sorry😉 Freut mich, dass Du dabei bist! Deine Blondie hat einen sehr schönen Sound! Bin immer wieder überrascht, wie sich der Charakter eines Stücks immer wieder verändern kann. Bin gespannt, ob noch jemand dazu kommt.😊😊
+1 October 03 2016 22:16:44 Pewifrankyguitar
Hallo Peter, besser spät als nie..., nee quatsch, LOL Freut mich dass es gefällt !! smile.gif Deine Flöte klingt so super zur Gitarre von Bruce.... Mensch da kam ich nicht dran vorbei... Habe extra Platz gelassen... mal schauen smile.gif
October 03 2016 19:09:51
BothenBothen You brought it to another dimension!
+1 October 03 2016 20:37:23 Bothenfrankyguitar
Strong words Bothen, thanx very much !! smile.gif
October 03 2016 15:06:29
petebasspetebass Nice one Franky,cool tracksmile.gif
+1 October 03 2016 20:36:11 petebassfrankyguitar
Hey Pete buddy, Thanx very much!! Really a nice thingsmile.gif
October 03 2016 10:39:38
CaroljoyceCaroljoyce It's amazing what we can do with Bruce's acoustic inspirations ! I hope he will never abandon his acoustic guitar in a small dark corner in favor of his electric guitar, I'll be too sad not to hear his ballads anymore.
Thank you Frankie for this beautiful contrib', i love it.

+1 October 03 2016 12:26:27 Caroljoycefrankyguitar
Yes, I agree Agnés! He play very clear and delivers very nice tunes for us..... smile.gif thank you my dear smile.gif
October 03 2016 02:26:05
AKchenAKchen wow, wie schön smile.gif
+1 October 03 2016 02:27:16 AKchenfrankyguitar
Guten Morgen Grin Lieben Dank Andrea.... smile.gif smile.gif
October 03 2016 01:41:05
PsychoPsycho Blondie must be feeling much better... she plays a wonderful piece alongside Pewi in the tub! Well done my friend... thank you smile.gif
+1 October 03 2016 02:26:03 Psychofrankyguitar
Cheers my friend !! I'm happy you like it Bruce smile.gif
October 03 2016 01:17:08
Major 3rdMajor 3rd great adds franky! sounds great
+1 October 03 2016 02:25:10 Major 3rdfrankyguitar
Thanx very my friend !! Both guys before me make an awesome job.... smile.gif
October 03 2016 18:15:03 Major 3rdMajor 3rd
yes they did! your all great players and its a great template! cheers

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