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Alice hit my 15 000th "Like" switch on my last track last night, it was a kind of symbol cause I'm not a "thum hunter" for awhile but I've just realized how much fun and feelings I could share here with everyone I have to thank for that, music is a big part of my life (of the afternoon actually)
Here is a tribute to this place, to Dick, to all of you.

I wrote a text as a picture in my profile and this afternoon I've thought it would be a great idea to sing it...
And I had a listen this track yesterday evening when checking my bass collab I could complete with guitar..Hey Frank, Lenny, thank you very much :)

With Love

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October 14 2016 09:41:22
JDFJDF Great to hear you singing my friend. Very cool the talent and great people on wikiloops and your one of them man. Add another thumb to the pile from me Wink Bravo!
+1 October 14 2016 09:45:39 JDFTofzegrit
October 14 2016 08:04:59
aleonzaleonz just like Kenny, I lose counting of how many thumbs i gave, you deserve it brother, so lucky to hit that 15k !great lyrics, and so funky man, thank you for sharing your music ..and keep this place with lots of fun! keep it up Tof!!!
October 13 2016 10:09:55
kennyadrykennyadry Well I don't know how much thumb I gave you but one thing for sure, .. you deserve all of it and you deserve more Uncle Tof!
October 13 2016 02:05:03
FrankieJFrankieJ Ooh la la I like it!
You are very welcome smile.gif
And thank you very much.
You are still my guitar hero and I mean that.

+1 October 13 2016 02:59:02 FrankieJTofzegrit
Thank YOU very much Frankie, we need to create the HeroToHeroes Club
October 13 2016 01:19:40
PsychoPsycho Wink Congrats... and the thanks goes both ways smile.gif
+1 October 13 2016 02:02:17 PsychoTofzegrit
Some people get some golden friends,,I have my silver one smile.gif
Thank YOU very much Bruceelver Wink
October 13 2016 01:10:11
FishinmissioFishinmissio Smile smile.gif
+1 October 13 2016 02:00:11 FishinmissioTofzegrit
Thank YOU very much Mark
October 13 2016 00:33:55
ivaxivax Grin Hey Tofz,Thanks to you, for your art and overall creativity, Viva Wikiloops,very good smile.gif
+1 October 13 2016 01:59:26 ivaxTofzegrit
Muchas gracias very much Xavi smile.gif
October 12 2016 23:47:03
glennpglennp cool thank you message!...
+1 October 12 2016 23:53:42 glennpTofzegrit
Thank YOU very much Glenn smile.gif
October 12 2016 23:21:46
piperpiper Nice my String King Grin
+1 October 12 2016 23:32:30 piperTofzegrit
Thank YOU very much my Windy Queen 🎶
October 12 2016 22:50:32
jaeusmjaeusm Great song! Very cool smile.gif
+1 October 12 2016 23:27:27 jaeusmTofzegrit
Thank YOU very much Jason
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