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Sometimes we worry too much.
We worry about work, about bills, about family, about friends, about looking good, about the others, about the track, about the comment and the compliment... about life...
This track is an invitation for not worrying too much.
Let the river flow and enjoy everything you can.
Life is hard.
Life is short.
But life is also so beautiful and worth.
I don't want to waste more time worrying too much.
I hope you relax and enjoy.
If you don't listen, don't like or don't comment I won't worry ;)
Anyway thank you for hearing and I hope without worrying that you can have a good time with this track.
:) :) :) :) :)


October 18 2016 17:05:37
jjdfjjdf as always, you are brilliant... so so so nice keys!!!! I do like your music my friend Peixe!!! nice words too... as someone said, 'don't worry be happy' !!! smile.gif !!!
+1 October 19 2016 18:14:47 jjdfPeixe
hahaha Thanks John! I am trying to touch and hold happyness. Not easy but worth. music helps me a lot. smile.gif
October 18 2016 14:53:11
StefStef Wonderful words and wonderful music! Superb keys Marcelo! smile.gif
+1 October 19 2016 18:12:54 StefPeixe
Thanks dear Stef. Glad you liked my friend smile.gif
October 17 2016 23:16:45
frenziefrenzie Yes perfect!! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 October 18 2016 00:13:20 frenziePeixe
Yes, thank you smile.gif smile.gif
October 17 2016 22:48:54
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Most excellent Marcelo !! Wonderful melodic playing !! smile.gif
+1 October 18 2016 00:12:56 frankyguitarPeixe
Hi Franky. Thank you so much. smile.gif
October 17 2016 21:38:45
ivaxivax Fantastic Marcelo smile.gif always wonderful
+1 October 18 2016 00:12:24 ivaxPeixe
Thanks Xavi. Gracias amigo. smile.gif
October 17 2016 09:11:49
UloisiusUloisius Works wonderfully, has eyes closed and listen to the music and immediately all the worries are wiped away ;o)
+1 October 17 2016 21:10:48 UloisiusPeixe
its my therapy hahahaha
Thanks Ulo. smile.gif
October 17 2016 00:04:45
WadeWade Great sounds and words from the sage of inner peace.
+1 October 17 2016 21:10:17 WadePeixe
Thank you Wade. I am very glad you liked the words and the sounds my friend.
October 16 2016 16:26:55
PsychoPsycho Your words are as wonderful as this piano work... beautiful smile.gif
+1 October 17 2016 21:08:25 PsychoPeixe
Thank you big Psy. its and honor to have you listening to my songs.
October 16 2016 14:49:07
PewiPewi Fantastic music !! Many thank you for sharing this with us!
+1 October 17 2016 21:07:46 PewiPeixe
Oh. I loved your add. Your flute is amazing. very glad you checked on this. Thank you very much.
October 16 2016 11:53:12
PECAPECA Beautiful Peixesmile.gif
+1 October 17 2016 21:05:49 PECAPeixe
Thanks Peca!!! Glad you liked smile.gif
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