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Hi "Peixe", thank you for this fantastic piece! I have played with my Native American flute in "G". My flute played almost by itself


October 18 2016 17:22:03
jjdfjjdf fantastic play Peter!!! so so lovely... awesome melody!!! smile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:48:34 jjdfPewi
I am very glad that you like it! Thank you so much😊😊
October 18 2016 15:24:16
StefStef Wonderful playing Peter with so high taste and feeling! A beauty! smile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:46:42 StefPewi
Hi Stef, when I hear wonderful music like that of Pexie the melodies automatically come out of my flute. Thank you very much for your friendly words.😊😊
October 17 2016 08:15:47
radusradus Very good one, Pewi smile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:41:49 radusPewi
Thanks a lot!😎
October 17 2016 07:36:41
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Hi Peter, höre es gerade zum dritten mal hintereinander, das ist ganz großartig! Excellent sound like always and such a great melodic playing ! Wirklich ein wunderbares add!! smile.gif Ich wäre noch begeisteter wenn mir was dazu einfallen würde..... , vielleicht küsst mich ja noch die Muse smile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:41:23 frankyguitarPewi
Hi Franky, ich war schon immer ein Softie🤓deshalb liegen mir die balladenartigen Stücke.
Vielen Dank für das Kompliment.😊😊
October 17 2016 00:01:31
WadeWade Very lovely playing that fits this so well.
+1 October 20 2016 09:33:12 WadePewi
Thanks a lot!🤓🤓🤓
October 16 2016 21:25:00
PeixePeixe Super Pewi. It's an honor for my piano that your flute was playing by itself hehehe. So good to have your amazing flute on board. What a beautiful ride!smile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:32:45 PeixePewi
I have to thank you for your fantastic music!😎😎😎
October 16 2016 20:00:22
abuitremoremabuitremorem toll smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
+1 October 20 2016 09:30:51 abuitremoremPewi
Ich danke Dir!😎
October 16 2016 17:52:24
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Very very nice !! Sets a great peaceful mood.
+1 October 20 2016 09:30:28 WHITEPONGOPewi
Many thanks for your visit and for the compliment😊
October 16 2016 16:58:24
aleonzaleonz oh my, this is so beautiful Peter! thats flute really sing so sweetly and that melody ...lovely!
+1 October 20 2016 09:28:50 aleonzPewi
hi Alice,
I am very glad that you like it! Thank you for your kind words😎😎
October 16 2016 16:48:02
titititi Merveilleux ! Great story Peter smile.gif
+1 October 16 2016 16:55:25 titiPewi
Oh, thank you very much for visiting. I am glad that you like it smile.gif

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