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October 21 2016 08:02:22
aleonzaleonz I feel a mellow feeling in your voice, but you sing it so wonderfully Rob! beautiful...
+0 October 21 2016 13:11:16 aleonzROBJOL
Alice in wonderland,

Yes sometimes I get lost in the dark night.
October 18 2016 06:39:04
francisco alfrancisco al bom trabalho, ROBJOL. linda canção é canção de amor
October 18 2016 00:45:50
PsychoPsycho Just beautiful Rob... enjoyed very much smile.gif
+0 October 18 2016 02:51:38 PsychoROBJOL
Thanks. The song is a bit sad but this is the way I was feeling yesterday.
October 18 2016 00:30:14
ItocpogoItocpogo Beautiful melody and singing! Good days to you in this next chapter of your life; with your creativity I look forward to many beautifl songs!
+0 October 18 2016 02:50:38 ItocpogoROBJOL
Be sure that I will take more time to make music. My passion...
October 17 2016 23:55:10
WadeWade You give us such lovely glimpses of your beautiful and peaceful soul. Thank you. You retired? Do foresters ever retire? I've got another ten years to go...will be 80 by then...well maybe longer if the legs and brain hold up.
+0 October 18 2016 02:49:21 WadeROBJOL
Thank you my friend. I will still continue to go work in the forest. I own 84 hectars of forest, a tractor and all the tools to produce. At my rhythm...
October 19 2016 01:43:48 WadeWade
That sounds right! That love for trees and being a part of guiding the structure of the forest is something that gets into your soul. Working with nature without dominating it. Something very satisfying that never stops being satisfying.
October 17 2016 17:54:23
Major 3rdMajor 3rd beautiful playing and singing....very good composition...enjoying this much...ty peaceful! ;o)
+0 October 17 2016 18:51:26 Major 3rdROBJOL
Thanks my friend.
October 17 2016 17:00:06
slinslin very good one ROBJOL...
October 17 2016 14:25:05
ALawrence1ALawrence1 Beautiful melody. So nice to hear you sing!
+0 October 17 2016 18:50:44 ALawrence1ROBJOL
Officially retired this morning. Ouf...
More time now to make country music. I have an idea for you. Will do it soon.
October 17 2016 18:56:50 ALawrence1ALawrence1
Yaaaaa! You made my day. Look forward to more music from you. Especially your country idea. For me 22 months to retirementsmile.gif
October 17 2016 12:04:40
saxvandiesaxvandie very nice robert smile.gif
+0 October 17 2016 18:49:38 saxvandieROBJOL
Thank you for your nice comment.
October 17 2016 11:55:51
UloisiusUloisius wonderful ballad with awesome singing ;o)
+0 October 17 2016 18:49:08 UloisiusROBJOL
Thank you my friend. I made this song last night with a lot of stress. I am officially retired from work since this morning. I will have more time to make music.
October 17 2016 18:52:48 UloisiusUloisius
Oh, then was determined a special day for you today ;o)
I wish you good luck and health so you can enjoy the time that now comes ;o)
October 18 2016 02:53:17 UloisiusROBJOL
I will have time to go in Germany next fall.

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