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Uli infected me with the Christmas fever. Still good 9 weeks until Christmas Eve and I bought today the first Christmas Stollen LOL! So time for the red coat dust and beard ironing: D


October 21 2016 07:59:04
aleonzaleonz Very cool funky track Franky! i checked out my calendar, one of my fave season of the year!
+1 October 21 2016 09:40:38 aleonzfrankyguitar
Hey Alice, yes I also like the Christmas time 🎄🎄 thanx very much smile.gif
October 20 2016 14:45:00
PewiPewi Christ- Stollen, haben die Rosinen drinn? IiiiSad
G.. Gitarren Sound!

October 18 2016 07:41:11
chrisbasschrisbass Great....enjoy the fruit cake (Stollen)😄....remember my US times... 'nobody' eats the fruitcake is passed around as a present at christmas time.... so usually when you receive it as a has already has some 'mileage',😄
+1 October 18 2016 10:56:23 chrisbassfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Chris, I love Stollen. In better times, my parents -in-law still lived, there were self-baked. Both came from thuringia, a region famous for their stollen. Every family had their own prescription for it. Today it is already a bit work to get a really good stollen.
October 18 2016 11:49:25 chrisbasschrisbass
great ... can imagine ... must be wonderful...
October 18 2016 04:05:51
nuno1959nuno1959 Groovy guitar going on Franky, cool one buddy Wink
+1 October 18 2016 10:45:27 nuno1959frankyguitar
Thanx very much Nuno! smile.gif!
October 18 2016 03:17:16
mortheolmortheol What Christmas alreadyShock!!!!
What happened to Halloween, Thanksgiving...???
Did I sleep thru them??Frown
Oh well I better hurry up and go shoppingsmile.gif
It is a really good and funky jam Santa FrankyPfft

+1 October 18 2016 10:00:32 mortheolfrankyguitar
Man Ron, you forgot in Berlin is the Time much faster than in PA LOLGrin
Till Christmas has my beard the right lenght, like Billy Gibbons Grin
Thanx Ron, was a fun(k)y fun smile.gif
October 18 2016 18:57:01 mortheolmortheol
Billy Gibbons...LOL!
You must post a picture of yourself with such a crazy beardGrin
October 18 2016 19:29:09 mortheolfrankyguitar
LOL, okay could try this Grin
October 18 2016 02:32:48
Ernie440Ernie440 Cool funky rhythm guitar Franky, well done man! Can't believe you bought Xmas sweets already .. LOL!! Tasty ... smile.gif
+1 October 18 2016 09:53:46 Ernie440frankyguitar
Thanx Ernie, but yes! smile.gif But for eating it's to early! smile.gif But in November.... , who knows Grin
October 18 2016 02:03:40
axenvocsaxenvocs Good grief Charlie Brown Merry Christmas
+1 October 18 2016 09:47:12 axenvocsfrankyguitar
Lol, but right Tanx very much Gary! smile.gif
October 18 2016 11:01:50 axenvocsaxenvocs
Very cool brother
October 18 2016 01:01:14
petebasspetebass Ho! Ho! Ho! santa Franky,cool track buddysmile.gifWink
+1 October 18 2016 09:45:19 petebassfrankyguitar
Thanx Pete, ho, ho, who has stolen "Dancer" ?? Grin
October 18 2016 00:15:36
ivaxivax fantastic Franky,Stollen?What is a Christmas dessert? I search in Google smile.gif
+1 October 18 2016 00:28:37 ivaxfrankyguitar
Xavi my friend, you don't know what is stollen ? It's a cake , it give it only in Christmas time. It's so yummy Grin But too much and you are the next Santa with nice round belly Grin LOL
Thanx for the fine comment my friend smile.gif
October 18 2016 00:37:27 ivaxivax
here in Spain I do not know smile.gif sweet cakeGrin
October 18 2016 00:00:01
PsychoPsycho I firmly believe Christmas is overblown and should be for the kids. That said we are kids here at the loops... so you grow that white beard and in 9 weeks I'll give you my list smile.gif Well done franky-clause !!
+1 October 18 2016 00:23:41 Psychofrankyguitar
LOL Must searching my rendeers Grin Yes, we are kids in a great and fantastic laboratory and everyone here can make great experiments!!
Thanx very much Bruce, great comment my friend smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Funky Santa Clause ]

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