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Guitar Zero ITeeGee created by TeeGee on 12/30/2016

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about this album:
This is what I dreamed of when I was 13, playing rock guitar and publishing albums, Rock and Roll, baby. I wanted initially to call this album "Guitar 1", but that would be almost blasphemy - you guitarists know why, eh? So the next idea was "Guitar Hero". A good name, but very pretentious, I am anything but a hero... Also, there's that computer game by that name... So I ended up with Guitar Zero, that feels much more comfortable to me. About this selection of tracks: I had a LOT of trouble choosing songs, what order, it tormented me for a while now. So in the end I asked Incivanpico to do the selection, and he did a great job choosing. It features a few different styles and types of music, and the thread of my guitar is what connects them. I am VERY happy to have been able to collaborate with all those great musicians and wonderful people from Wikiloops. Thank you so much!

Cool Album


Review by petebass on 02/12/2017

Many thanks TG for being included in this cool album.

Enjoyable Guitar 🎸 Music!


Review by incivanpico on 12/31/2016

Great Album TG 😎 a diverse blend of your cool playing m8. Well done buddy 😜

No guitar zero here...


Review by nuno1959 on 12/31/2016

Hey TG, I dig the rationale behind the name choice, i do but… there's no guitar zero here !! 1st thanks a bunch to include a piece where we play together, really enjoyed re-listening to it. Next - what a cool collection os songs for an album ! Pico did a great job selecting them, it's always my most difficult bit.. Hope many more will come ! Wink

Schönes Album!


Review by adu on 12/30/2016

Hey TG, hört sich alles sehr amtlich an. Freut mich das ich mitmachen durfte. Vielen Dank! Weiter machen, immer weiter machen. Grin Gruß Adu Wink

Hi it is an great honoré for me to be on your album


Review by gabriel289 on 12/30/2016

Thanks again , and long Life to your guitar playing ! Regards Gabriel 😀

unique guitar sounds


Review by bhunt1 on 12/30/2016

TG Strat plays many different types of music - rock, hip hop, R&B, etc. but his guitar style always comes through. His sound is very distinctive. He is also a very good producer - his remixes always sound better than the originals!
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