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Best of 2016 Vol 2

Best of 2016 Vol 2
About this album:
Thanks to all my wiki friends that supplied this great musicaxenvocs created by axenvocs on 01/15/2017

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adu Basster axenvocs heliandros ivax tullicbr Major 3rd Drumshticks YoWild petebass Psycho rp3drums FrankieJ Ernie440 Mika Tohve Fabricio L bhunt1 davidaustin sbisio eGiL Buran70 Stef Ezdrummer KMstar
Major 3rd



Review by Major 3rd on 01/16/2017

great album and vocalist...all the musicians involved outstanding fantastic players...Great collection of songs here and lots of time and soul put into all of these ...Cheers to Gary on a great album and applause for the magic that is wikiloops and all my dear friends here.....salute'


Review by FrankieJ on 04/06/2017

An honor to be included in your works ax. thank you :)

What the Hell....


Review by adu on 01/16/2017

...man, you were very busy last year! This is good for us all. Thank you so much for so many good cool Songs. ANd thanks that i can be a part of it! Thanks Gary and Rock on! :)


Review by davidaustin on 01/16/2017

Great Album, thanks for including me, cheers Gary.



Review by ivax on 01/15/2017

Thanks my friend, download :D



Review by Psycho on 01/15/2017

Must admit I love the Album cover !!!!
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