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AKchen 4

AKchen 4
About this album:
big big thank to all musicians who gave the base & adds for this album ... what would I do without you ? :)AKchen created by AKchen on 06/05/2017

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Involved artists:
OliVBee Carzoni Pexe AKchen mortheol frankyguitar Inkless franber Simonymous GreenDog BossHen ARNOSOLO Neal_Visher PetriHaapa Roux Ernie440 Lenny Cowler fark voodooking ajax hartmut josepssv Janos mpointon axenvocs HiFiFlutes Bothen

Delightful Innocence


Review by Bothen on 03/23/2017

I really like the innocence Andrea has in her voice when she sings, it is delightful and refreshing but when she takes that innocence and turns it into a sultry, raspy, and soulful approach it can be quite captivating. This is a wonderful album and thank you for having me on it!!!

fernab vom alltäglichen segelt dieses Album ...


Review by Uloisius on 03/23/2017

Wer seichten Pop oder gängige Mainstream-Musik erwartet kann getrost weiter surfen denn das findet sich hier auf diesem Album nicht ;o) Wer hingegen auf eine Reise durch skurrile Klangwelten gehen, mit in die Tiefen anspruchsvoller Lyrics abtauchen bzw. auf den Schwingen eines unverwechselbaren Gesanges mit abheben möchte der ist hier gerade richtig ;o) Sehr schönes Album in dem es jede Menge zu entdecken gibt ;o)



Review by BossHen on 03/25/2017

I always enjoy Andrea's unique vocals and lyrics and very happy to be featured on the album. I am always surprised by her versatility switching from punk to blues to pop, but with her distinctive voice. This album is a great reflection of Andrea and what she gives to Wikiloops

Andrea -- All Original!!!


Review by mortheol on 03/23/2017

Andrea is such an original talent, brilliant lyricist, and a gifted singer. Everything she has done I have truly enjoyed. She can cover so many styles from soft love songs to in your face ROCK!!! She is never boring and always a pleasure to listen to. I am so happy to be on this great collection of songs and with so many talented people. Vielen Dank Andrea:):D



Review by Mickey on 02/22/2019

Anfänglich geglaubte Naivität geht über in Cleverness und Wortwitz und am Schluss bist Du da, wo Du hin sollst. Du hast Dir das Stück bis zu Ende angehört, denn Du kannst garnicht anders!!!!

Great !


Review by ARNOSOLO on 11/17/2017

Thx a lot Andrea to share some great songs. I'm honored to be in this album ;)

Andrea rocks


Review by axenvocs on 06/20/2017

I love the album I have listened to all of the tracks they all are fantastic. I am also honored to be among the musicians involved Thank you for your gift of music
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