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Melodic Templates vol.1 by Stef

Melodic Templates vol.1  by Stef
about this album:
First I would like to thank with all my heart Dafunkydrummer for the wonderful slow drums track. Despite having devoted most of my musical life to the Blues and Rock with the passage of time I have started always more to cultivate and appreciate the melodic songs and their structure. In this 1st collection there are 11 tracks all developed the same wonderful drums track, exactly the #949 of DFD. This album wants to be a support to all those who wish to practice singing, accompany or do solos with any musical instrument. Since this is the purpose, I have not selected the remixes, of which I am enormously grateful to all of you, but only the original templates. Once again, huge thanks to Dafunkydrummer and Wikiloops for making this possible. Stefano

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A Master Keys


Review by titi on 04/06/2017

Fantastic compilation of Stefano. The sense of the feeling and the dexterity of its play make of this album a real source of inspiration for many music style.

Not just for practice, a great listen.


Review by Wade on 04/06/2017

Stef is never stuck for ideas, and here's the proof. Same drum track with all different melodic ideas. Each contains variations on the elements that make up good songs: themes, variations, tension, resolutions and climaxes. This is a resource and inspiration.

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Stef created by Stef on 06/05/2017

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Dafunkydrummer Stef
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