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Sing Sing 6GemmyF created by GemmyF on 06/05/2017

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about this album:
GemmyF-Alive and Well!!!!! This is the 6th "singing" album I've been able to put together with all my colleagues here in wiki loops land. I never thought I'd even sing on tracks when I came to the Loops, just play guitar and call it a "wrap". So Now after 6 albums worth of singing maybe some wished I'd stuck to my original thought....But here it is

Pink will make you think


Review by Don_T on 04/10/2017

Awesome album my friend. Although you came to the loops thinking "just play guitar and call it a wrap" we are all very very glad you did not just stop there. Your creativity and vocal prowess inspires everyone who hears your tracks. I am humbled that you would include me on this album as it could have easily been replaced by one of your other very awesome vocals. Great album my friend and hoping to hear many many more from you.

very good album


Review by TeeGee on 04/21/2017

Good collection my friend!!

Enjoy the music


Review by abuitremorem on 04/12/2017

This album confirms me, Gemmy loves the music, has a great skill and can not be limited to a particular style. I admire this very much and I am glad that I can be part of this album. Thank you smile.gif
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