Tu's Blues

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Tu's BluesTu created by Tu on 06/05/2017

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Baer belzebass Babbazitt Tu Keiton frenzie Ernie440 Stef cody tripp titi docnat Drumshticks Simonymous BlueBaloo ddruszkowski Koldov Bothen
about this album:
I realized I have acculmated enough Blues tracks to create an album, so here it is. Featuring the wonderful Keiton, fabulous Babbazit, mega talented DDruszkowski, sensational Simonymous, Blazing Bluebaloo, Dazzling Drumshticks, Dynamite Docnat, Irresistible Ernie440, Koldov the awesome Bothen the bold & brilliant, the uncomparable Codytripp, Terrific Titi, unforgettable Frenzie, Super Stef, the outstanding Baer, and ace with the bass Bezlebass. I thankyou all for the gift of music!

Thank you tu


Review by frenzie on 04/27/2017

For your irresistible highly enjoyable fantastic outstanding lovable delicious vocals and lyrics!!! Thnx for singing along with me smile.gif smile.gif Great album and keep joining us on the bluestrain Tu! smile.gif

Peace, Love and Blues


Review by Stef on 04/28/2017

It's great to hear yourself singing Blues with great feeling! Nice to be here among these great friends and musicians in this great selection. Thank you so much Tu! Enjoy always the Blues! smile.gif



Review by Bothen on 04/28/2017

Thanks for having me on your album Tu!! It is a wonderful collection of blues and a treat to listen to. I am with Tom, keep rockin the blues!!!
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