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Raucous! Rock and Blues Vol 1

Raucous! Rock and Blues Vol 1
About this album:
This is a compilation of the tracks on my Wikiloops page (www.wikiloops.com/artist/gwailoah.php) of which, for different reasons, I am most proud. Either the lyric, the vocal, the arrangement - or the way that it all somehow came together through the magic that is the Wikiloops. The generosity of spirit of all the musicians on the site is truly humbling - my eternal thanks for giving me back some youth in these later years of mine.
PS some of the Wikiloops tracks got made into Youtube videos - the channel is "Brian Mack Blues and Rock Songs" (www.youtube.com/user/gwailoah). Raucous!!gwailoah created by gwailoah on 07/20/2017

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The Best In Blues


Review by Itocpogo on 07/20/2017

Brian is a Fantastic blues singer and composer of blues songs. It was my privilege to play on his "Mean Mean Woman" and my honor that he selected it to be on his album. Listening to each of these wonderful blues performances is fascinating in daydreaming about the great history of the blues!

Brian Mack,the BluesMan


Review by ivax on 07/21/2017

Thanks for share your great voice,and Thanks for including me in a slice of your great album

Great Bluesy Collection


Review by Ernie440 on 07/20/2017

If Brian is involved, it's going to be good and this album doesn't disappoint, so proud and happy to have played on Brian "Mr. Blues" :) volume 1 of Raucous Rock & Blues!!
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