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Champagner and more...

Champagner and more...
About this album:
Late night music... herzlichen Dank allen Musikern!jamlady created by jamlady on 07/06/2018

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Herring K

Cool Album


Review by Herring K on 07/12/2018

Who says fish and Champagne don't go together? I enjoyed listening to this album, some cool tracks you found and played on :)

Fine tracks HERE!


Review by Wade on 07/07/2018

Lots of great tracks I haven't heard before in this fine compilation. So much diversity in Claudia's tracks and she's kind enough to include ones she just likes from others.

An album of class and beauty


Review by Don_T on 07/06/2018

Terrific line up of artists and song selections. Definitely worthy of sipping champagne and listening to this project over and over.

I love champagne, and more...


Review by ROBJOL on 07/06/2018

A beautiful selection of fine artists and fine musics. I will have a glass of champagne while listening.



Review by jamlady on 07/06/2018

sorry mistake,"Tonight-Remix72256 not works.
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