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Meet with the Flute

Meet with the Flute
About this album:
A new album with HiFiFlutes and Pewi put forward with their superb melodies played on the flute. Many thanks to Ernie, Egil, panpot and MusicWorx for these delicious musical moments.ARNOSOLO created by ARNOSOLO on 11/15/2017

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Involved artists:
ARNOSOLO HiFiFlutes Pewi MusicWorx Ernie440 panpot eGiL

A great honor


Review by Pewi on 11/17/2017

I am very honored to be part of this beautiful collection! It is always a special pleasure for me to make music with you! Thank you for your wonderful compositions!

Music to relax ;o)


Review by Uloisius on 01/17/2018

Very nice album to dream about, congratulations to all musicians involved in the album ;o)
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