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Wikiworks 17

Wikiworks 17
About this album:
Thank you everybody on here for an awesome album. Hope you enjoy the record. ArkRockStudio created by ArkRockStudio on 10/27/2017

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ArkRockStudio Leftdaloops1019 KaiPlan AKchen abuitremorem jamlady GlezBass Pewi ivax Demian Rob112 Pawlik bhunt1 RobM BALLADYNA



Review by DrStrgeglv on 10/29/2017

ArkRockStudio continues to show his superlative skills in all aspects of recording and engineering sound. He schools the entire world with each "effort" (a misnomer, since the word implies the need to stretch beyond one's gifted parameters).



Review by will_C on 10/29/2017

Phantastic and extraordinary sound-creations! Enjoyed VERY much to listen to this. - A must-hear-experience. -

Thank you Titus


Review by abuitremorem on 10/27/2017

Your creative and versatile uploads enrich Wikiloops and made this album possible. Great music from all. Thank you for letting me be there :)
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