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Life Balance

Life Balance
About this album:
Tomorrow evening I move back to the USA... I have been lucky enough to have lived in SE Asia for 7 years, only working small jobs, supporting my wife and dedicating much time to Wikiloops! This album is dedicated to the Life Balance I had, now back to reality.... love the Loops!!!!rp3drums created by rp3drums on 10/03/2017

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Involved artists:
OliVBee JDF rp3drums kimbo adu di_er_dem philAbust heliandros Shi Ernie440 decohy ARNOSOLO mulambo Dadinator TeeGee ettore Uloisius Tofzegrit slonyatko AKchen Offfocus

Welcome back to the US


Review by ARNOSOLO on 10/03/2017

Thx again my friend for all the great jams you offered us. Time to play with real drums now ;)

Good Luck...


Review by adu on 10/03/2017

and welcome in an other Reality. Adu

Nice Album


Review by apsummerlin on 11/03/2017

Ray, how lucky you are to have had such an awesome experience. I envy you, and long to do something like that :) This collection of songs is fantastic. Welcome back to the US!

Just wonderful :)


Review by Dadinator on 10/07/2017

RP, thanks so much for including "The Girl from Bendigo" on this album - I really enjoyed working on it with you and the other talented muso's. All the best with your life back in the USA.

Change is good, spare change is better.


Review by philAbust on 10/05/2017

Such a pleasure to hear these tracks all in one place. Gives us all a picture of what a fine and versatile drummer you are. A pleasure to have been included in this excellent company.

Go Slow


Review by Offfocus on 10/04/2017

hi RP congrats for sour great album!! And thank you so much for giving me a place in here.. I feel very honoured to be a part of your work!! Man, back to the US, go slow!! Lots of us are running, stressing, way to often under pressure. And don't think a good time is not reality, man!! It is.. definitely! Wishing you all the best for your new time!! And don't leave us alone!!# Pat
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