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About this album:
This is now my 5th Wikiloops album. Thanks again to all my fine musical friends who have let me write lyrics and sing them to their wonderful tracks. This project has been extremely therapeutic.Dadinator created by Dadinator on 11/15/2017

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Pawlik jamlady Fishinmissio Dadinator josepssv RobM piper davidaustin jimkarol Gelo Fabricio L eGiL apsummerlin Vinko Major 3rd KMstar Wikimark ArkRockStudio Basster Guadaña Lagout rp3drums ivax katell29


Review by davidaustin on 11/15/2017

Hey Dadinator thank you for including my playing... very cool musicians and very cool music.

Robots and us


Review by josepssv on 11/15/2017

Super Thanks Dadinator!! Robots is a theme to expand with music, as you have done. Although the voice is not a robot, primitive music is rare, perhaps a luxury Complex machines or tools is normal now. A non-humanized environment, but we will have to make it more human. Only a start Autonomous music may be one more step, but what do we think about that? Congratulations

Great album.


Review by ArkRockStudio on 11/15/2017

Putting this into my library. Awesome tunes Dadinator



Review by jamlady on 11/15/2017

very cool Album!
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