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Around the World by ARNOSOLO

Around the World

Around the World
About this album

A new album with Shi, Moonchild, Craig, schwarglr, Alice, Ulo, JohnG and Glen put forward with their beautiful melodies deliciously sung, whistled or told. A nod to my friends Dub, Jéjé and Neib's for back voices recorded when I thought of a singer, we really laughed. Many thanks to MusicWorx, Demian, Nadeem, Titi, Bhunt1, Neib's, Blueberry & Andel, eGil and Parjoe for these delicious musical moments. ARNOSOLO created by ARNOSOLO on Nov 16, 2017

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Embodying the spirit of this place.


Review by Wade on Nov 18, 2017

ARNOSOLO is such a great ambassador of Wikiloops. Most of the tracks in this album are about the vocalists who have collaborated, and not about his own musical prowess. Make no mistake he is the inspiration!

Great Artist


Review by bhunt1 on Nov 18, 2017

Arnosolo is a great artist - versatile, skilled, and sensitive. I always look forward to hearing his tracks. Well done!

A World of Art


Review by DrStrgeglv on Nov 17, 2017

ARNOSOLO is a standout among his people... his people are us. We are his audience. We are able to appreciate these unique gifts because ARNOSOLO is one of US! Thank you, ARNO!
Major 3rd

true guitarist and musician!!


Review by Major 3rd on May 14, 2018

Arno is a fantastic player with endless creativity...always a pleasure to listen too and join in with...beautiful album, great line up of fantastic musicians..cheers!
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