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Rock on the Radio

Rock on the Radio
About this album:
A new album with Glen, Funkystan, Tu, AKchen, Craig, DaveyVee, Ulo, moonchild, Alice and El Coco put forward with their awesome rock songs. It has disheveled! A big thank you to eGil, Lenny, Ernie, Ray, Tofzegrit, Basso, Paul and Kenny for these wonderful musical moments.ARNOSOLO created by ARNOSOLO on 11/16/2017

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Listened: 567 times

Involved artists:
ARNOSOLO DrStrgeglv eGiL Lenny Cowler rp3drums Ernie440 Funkystan Tu Tofzegrit AKchen Basso Major 3rd DaveyVee Uloisius pconey moonchild kennyadry aleonz El Coco
Major 3rd

Rock on the radio!!


Review by Major 3rd on 05/23/2018

I for one am enamored of Arno's skill and contributions..so many solid powerful creations. Grateful very much to have Arno with us here on wikiloops...great album

Mr. Inspirational!


Review by DrStrgeglv on 11/17/2017

ARNOSOLO provides the framework for countless collaborative works on this platform, which rises with each contribution. So fortunate to benefit from his superior talent!

It's a honor


Review by Basso on 11/16/2017

Every time i listen to some music from our little community i ask myself why some of this awesome tracks don't reach the radio or other places where people play the songs. It is a honor to play with the great people here and create incredible tracks. Your guitar play is just awesome mate and i have a lot of fun to play to it. A great album my friend and a big thanks for featuring me to it. Keep up the quality stuff. Greetz, Basso

Quality musicianship


Review by Tu on 11/16/2017

Its a privilege to be part of this special album. I adore Arnosolo's compositions and style of playing.
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