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The Lenny Cowler Show

The Lenny Cowler Show
About this album:
Here is the 1st of the 2 albums that I devote to this incredible drummer that is Lenny. Thank you my friend for your incredible talent that you share with us.
I warmly thank Glen, eGil, El Coco, Tullicbr, Mikebanez and ArkRockStudio for these fabulous jams we shared.ARNOSOLO created by ARNOSOLO on 11/20/2017

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Listened: 388 times

Involved artists:
ARNOSOLO Lenny Cowler DrStrgeglv eGiL tullicbr Mikebanez El Coco ArkRockStudio



Review by Leftdaloops1019 on 11/29/2017

Super Album Arno feat. Lenny et al...!



Review by Mikebanez on 11/20/2017

cool line up. i would purchase this album.
Lenny Cowler



Review by Lenny Cowler on 11/20/2017

thank you for the compliment my friend:)and for awesome album:). I thing that I only man which like music:)



Review by ArkRockStudio on 11/20/2017

What an album. This is a def. a download and will be played quite often. Superb job ARNO and glad to be a part of the contribution to make great music.
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