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About this album:
sylvesterhits 17-18earlsteven created by earlsteven on 12/30/2017

Thumbs: 9
Listened: 642 times

Involved artists:
Baer aqwzsx Lutz Molber woXey Lenny Cowler Wade rockdevil Basster incivanpico Wikimark JoshDexter FrankieJ mulambo LeftTheLoops9-18 irlenn bondjolino garymcmill SupJax Reaper421 Major 3rd Andel fanne will_C v8-engine AKchen kimbo AnneCozean YoWild Inkless Shi dimeomax Acousticeg GlezBass Jypeka shumdrummer Tofzegrit


Review by FrankieJ on 01/17/2018

I'm honored to be here :)



Review by Jypeka on 01/11/2018

Very happy to be part of this album :)

Nice Collection


Review by will_C on 01/02/2018

Real nice collection. Very different styles but one intention. Not only suitable for New Year's ("Sylvester's") evenings! ;)

Amazing compilation


Review by Wade on 01/02/2018

Not sure if Earlsteven is actually on any of these? Most here just feature their own tracks. What a generous and good thing collect these wonderfully quirky tracks and give them wings.

nice one brother!


Review by kimbo on 12/31/2017

what a great blend ...from all over the loops. truly... nice one :)
Major 3rd



Review by Major 3rd on 05/23/2018

what a great album and line up...deep resonating, combination of styles...awesome!
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