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The Fifth

The Fifth
About this album:
I called this, "The Fifth" because It gives me "..the right to remain silent..." It also affords me an attorney and some other things which aren't important right now ("Airplane" reference).
These are the few songs where I dared to play something besides my own mouth (lead vocals). My sick strategy was to blend with the best players, thereby sneaking past the bouncer through the stage door (no shame).
Of course any bass, drum or horns, etc are played on my E-mu sampler- played on keys, not copied. I did play the harp for reals though. Ok, stop reading now before it's too late! DrStrgeglv created by DrStrgeglv on 12/30/2017

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SamHansen DrStrgeglv carlottis bondjolino MajorTom_III aleonz hurzel sheaf cschlote jmrukkers SamHansen ARNOSOLO panpot Koldov shumdrummer Ernie440 KyleGalaz

One more excellent album


Review by ARNOSOLO on 12/31/2017

Thx a lot my friend for this great album and best wishes for this new year !!

Super Album


Review by Ernie440 on 12/31/2017

From the great Dr. Glove comes this collection of pure Dr. Glove. Being a part of this album was a thing .. yeah .. it's groovy. Thanks for the mammaries man.
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