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Musical Tendencies #1

Musical Tendencies #1
About this album:
A huge thanks to all the contributors I participated in these jams. This compilation also makes our singers honor. Moonchild, Shi, aleonz and Marmotte, our French singer. I certainly forgot, and I apologize to them in advance if that were the case. I envisage a future compilation of more diverse pieces (jazz, blues, country, etc…)bassman78fr created by bassman78fr on 10/08/2018

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Involved artists:
StJray moonchild WhiteDrum55 bassman78fr Peterpingo aleonz Groovinz hurzel Dafunkydrummer TeeGee ArkRockStudio Simonymous Marceys FIGLIUOLO pkliesch Wikimark LeftTheLoops9-18 Stef Balfo OliVBee marmotte Lenny Cowler ARNOSOLO

Fabulous album


Review by ARNOSOLO on 10/09/2018

C'est cool d'avoir compilé les morceaux avec du chant. Excellent choix l'ami ;-)

Nice collection


Review by TeeGee on 10/09/2018

I had a listen to this album, you did a good job selecting these songs, they feel as if they belong together. Plus, I like your bass playing, not too flashy, always supporting the song. Cool tracks, and a nice tribute to the great singers we have on Wikiloops :W



Review by Peterpingo on 10/08/2018

What a wonderful album Bassman. These songs really make a great "fit" to each other. I´m so glad and honoured to be a part of this. Thanks my dear friend. I´m so glad to know you. Cheers. ;)
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