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Only Blues

Only Blues
About this album:
The first of two albums highlighting some jams with my favorite Wiki-Blues artists. My sincere gratitude to the talented musicians who made this album possible. ALawrence1 created by ALawrence1 on 01/16/2018

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Involved artists:
MajorTom_III ALawrence1 frenzie Simonymous carlottis BossHen jmrukkers davidaustin slin Bothen Ernie440 Danalyze45 Guadaña kmoon235

Always a pleasure


Review by Bothen on 02/06/2018

It's always a great pleasure to either jam with Andrea or when she jumps on a song I have played on. Her passion for the blues shines brightly!!

The Lady sings the blues...


Review by slin on 01/19/2018

A good collection of songs here Andrea,thanks for let me joining here...;););)



Review by davidaustin on 01/16/2018

Super album Andrea, great songs and thanks for including my little effort in amongst all these wonderful musicians.

A blues gem


Review by frenzie on 01/16/2018

Only blues!yes thnx for making this Album Andrea really cool! ! Proud to be part of the team! :) :)

Great Album Andrea


Review by kmoon235 on 06/25/2018

This is a wonderful collection Andrea. To be included is amazing to me - and greatly appreciated.



Review by carlottis on 06/11/2018

Estoy encantado, no solo porque de esta plantilla se haya organizado este tema, ademas me causa mucho placer que Andrea la haya escogido para su album,
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