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Romantic Classic

Romantic   Classic
About this album:
Seventh album, compil of music in a rather "classic" style with a lot of duets ... it is always a pleasure to intervene on your tracks or you release such a sensitivity ... thank you to you !!!Jypeka created by Jypeka on 12/10/2018

Thumbs: 7
Listened: 575 times

Involved artists:
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Smooth and cool


Review by ERWAN on 12/11/2018

A smooth album and once again the violin of JP which gives the binder from the first to the last track. Thanks JP and thanks Wikiloops

What a nice album


Review by wjl on 12/11/2018

Great work, Jean-Paul! And thank you for including my daughter here :)

Great album


Review by Navota on 12/11/2018

great album with talented musicians enjoyed listening with my first coffee this day

Honoured to be included in this wonderful Album by Jypeka


Review by HeidiMarie on 12/11/2018

I would like to personally thank you on a lovely compilation of talented Wikiloopers. I will support this through my social media platforms.

Je suis honoré


Review by ROBJOL on 12/10/2018

Je suis honoré de participer à cet album. De très belles pièces...

Et Re un nouveau super album !


Review by ARNOSOLO on 12/10/2018

Merci JP pour ces petits moments de douceur ;-)
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