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Volcano - Cello tension

Volcano - Cello tension
About this album:
hi @all :) ... Waterval again .. Pexe came with his energy and stroke a vibe into the Volcano project .. fast and energetically a new album was created ... we hope you have fun with that kind of electronic music, which is for your trained ear ;D .. big thank to all participating musicians & wikiloops !!AKchen created by AKchen on 06/26/2018

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Involved artists:
mpointon Marceys Pexe josepssv tom099000 abuitremorem PetriHaapa AKchen ARNOSOLO StJray Evilvince HeidiMarie Fishinmissio Inkless ROBJOL Ernie440

Different but beautiful


Review by josepssv on 06/27/2018

Very delicate parts and other gross. Like life! Thank you very much virtual friends! It seems real to me!!

Waterval again :)


Review by abuitremorem on 06/27/2018

Pexe, thank you for your initiative and Andrea for the open ear and the organizational work. I'm glad that Waterval revived in this album and found a sequel. Therefore, many thanks to all concerned.



Review by Pexe on 06/26/2018

im too much happy to explain what this is important to me, see an album about Cello and his tension
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