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Mister Glonds Nightmare by ColdPlasma

Mister Glonds Nightmare

Mister Glonds Nightmare
About this album

We are happy and also a bit proud to publish our first album here in Wikiloops and it's also our first album ever.
We have to say thank you to Wikiloops in person of Mr. R. Kaiser for the ability to do that. Thanx very much Dick.
Also we wish to say thank you to GemmyF, he's the inventor of Mr. Glond, and allowed us to use this character for our album.

ColdPlasma made an album about a fictional day in Mr. Glond's life.
We are also grateful to our wives for the time we could spent here together and did not have to shop with them. :D

ColdPlasma is a band of 2 musicians from beautiful Pennsylvania and lively Berlin.
Most already know us as Mortheol and frankyguitar- in Wikiloops, known for often quite weird music.
The concept of merging many styles of music and searching for new sounds and trying to combine everything
has also led to this album.
We enjoyed every little minute we worked on each song and we really hope the great audience will have some fun with
"Mister Glonds Nightmare".
Thank You dear music lovers. ColdPlasma created by ColdPlasma on Jun 17, 2018

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Involved artists
Herring K

Greetings from the Atlantic Ocean


Review by Herring K on Jun 18, 2018

Mister Glond should leave everything and become a fish! It is much more relaxed, (he only has to worry about pollution, nuclear submarines, plastic waste, Norwegian fishing boats and herring eating Dolphins. The Herring King band approves of this stellar project - you guys did a great job!!! Looking forward to Album #2 :W

Fantastic soundscape of urban nightmare in the 21 century


Review by TeeGee on Jun 18, 2018

Love this album, love the concept! Read all the lyrics, listened to all songs a couple of times :O I consider Cold Plasma a sister band to the Herring King, and I love that we are seeing serious concept Albums made here on wikiloops. It paints a picture of nightmarish existence in a big city, it's almost like a movie track. Well done guys!! P.S. In an ideal (Wiki)world Cold Plasma and the Herrings would go out on a world concert tour (Entry 5 dollar per person)



Review by Tofzegrit on Jun 18, 2018

I’ve always talked about “meetings” on wikiloops, here is a super collaborative project from both of you guys. Cool to see and hear your own and common way of music approach and goals! Super Congrats


Review by SupJax on Aug 25, 2018

Sprachausgabe könnt weng flüssiger laufen eh :@ Die Mucke is ultra. Erster Song, a50, einfach gut, Ich glaub Jedermanns Interesse ist geweckt, genreweit. Besser gehts dann nicht. Kompliment an die Songverteilung. Hab Schwierigkeiten weiterzuhören weil ich immer zurückspul, auch bei nachfolgenden Songs. Wunderbar gemixt, die Vielfalt, Entertainment, es wird Einiges geboten, Tempo astrein, und der Sound hat so seine goldenen Momente, ob man durchhört oder am Song kleben bleibt. Kasten Bier wär nicht schlecht. Sonst ist hier die pure Laune am Werk haha, Album läuft, hat nen Platz auf dem Treppchen, so lässt sich der Samstag Abend (getrennt) verbringen. Englisches Review: Drink it up! Kurzweil, nur 4 Songs, Bock zum nochmal hören, alles richtig gemacht.

suuuper ;o)


Review by Uloisius on Jun 19, 2018

Sehr tolles & kreatives Album von euch beiden ... ihr seit ein wirklich gutes Team ;o)

Great experimental music!!!!


Review by Guadaña on Jun 18, 2018

Love it, great avant garde concept, great mixture of styles wraped with the great industrial sounds. What a wonderful thing you both have created. Congrats!!!!

Cool and creative.


Review by davidaustin on Jun 18, 2018

Very Very Cool, the sound is awesome. you are both very creative.

Music & Creativity


Review by Stef on Jun 18, 2018

Fantastic creativity and musical vision! Super production and collaboration by two great guys and musicians!

Super Cool!!!


Review by GemmyF on Jun 18, 2018

Really nice sounds coming from you guys! Love the mixes and and the playing---all so sympatico!

abgefahren !!


Review by AKchen on Jun 30, 2018

super creative team :) and real cool tracks ... congrats to this unique album ♥

Congratulations to this great cooperation


Review by abuitremorem on Jun 18, 2018

Congratulations to this great cooperation. I enjoy the music and look forward to the next story you tell. Keep it up!

tightly wound but fun


Review by KMstar on Jun 18, 2018

crazy in a great way, hits the gut with groove
wikiloops online jamsessions are brought to you with friendly support by:
user profile image
Great fun for all, a great way of learning to improvise. best musical web site I have come across, cannot put the guitar down now!
davidaustin from England

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