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Short Band Radio

Short Band Radio
About this album:
Always thank the friends of Wikiloops who make it possible to travel through the Wonderful World of Musical Wavesivax created by ivax on 08/19/2018

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Listened: 641 times

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Energy + Creativity = IVAX


Review by DaDumps on 08/21/2018

Quite a spread of styles all containing the same great player and energy.


Review by FrankieJ on 08/21/2018

I am very happy to be included in your works my friend :)

musical bliss


Review by axenvocs on 08/20/2018

always a pleasure to listen to my friend

The Wonderful Guitar of Xavier.


Review by davidaustin on 08/19/2018

An honor to make music with you mi amigo.

So cool .. wikilegend!!


Review by Offfocus on 08/19/2018

Great album, xavi .. this will go to the download list .. and be with me .. when I’m traveling .. and I’m really really happy and honored that I’m part of the game .. thanks, man .. very happy!!



Review by adu on 08/19/2018

Thanks for your music my friend ;)
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