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The Crazy (S)Crew by Tofzegrit

The Crazy (S)Crew

The Crazy (S)Crew
About this album

Some fun shared with mainly Mike, Paul and GrooveEnth with "extra" super "Guests" : V8-engine, Dadinator & Soulsushi. The main direction of this track is maybe some "industrial groove" power from the rhythm section and a lot of freedom allowed for adding guitar... Guitar..S most of the time :). It's a way for using some unusual and nice effects tones as well! Another common point of this collection is a "urban/modern) way of sounding trought sample or electro flavour... Thank you guys for your creativity, thanks to this place and all of you, I hope you will have a cool listening - Tof - Tofzegrit created by Tofzegrit on Jul 16, 2018

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Involved artists

wrapped this package up nicely


Review by Mikebanez on Jul 16, 2018

It's a great compliment to me that you created this album and always a pleasure to have you join in on the fun. love the album cover GO!! Crazy S/Crew

New adventures in music!


Review by pconey on Jul 24, 2018

A very big and warm thanks to Tof for putting together this album. Technically speaking I joined wikiloops 3 years ago, but only started uploading in september 2017. I have made some great friends and this collection features some of the tracks I have collaborated on with Mikebanez and GrooveEnth who have been very helpful to me. This is the first album of which I appear on most of the tracks, so interesting to look back... Its not always easy to come up with new or fresh ideas, but the tracks represented here have strived to do this, innovative fun templates and off the cuff ideas from Mike, quirky basslines that focus on groove and incorporate clever use of sound effects, and the combined use of organic and electronic drums and percussion combos make these tracks sound modern, but also something different. The addition of the funky guitar, catchy riffs and splendid sonic wizardy from Tof just makes it all the more enjoyable and cements that feeling of a team effort Close listening reveals a lot of little fine details that show plenty of thought has gone into these tracks and working as a team is a result of what is now here. It has been a real pleasure. Thanks to all the people who have listened and also to the others who have also joined in the fun! Paul :)

Very cool groove album


Review by TeeGee on Jul 17, 2018

Nice one lads, love it!! Cool grooves!!

Rollings Stone's "album of the decade"


Review by GrooveEnth on Jul 16, 2018

It's rare to find a collection of music that both wows the critics and achieves mass acclaim but the Crazy Crew, featuring Tofzegrit managed that over the course of 2017 and 2018. Sinuous rhythms and crystalline shards of guitar are the hallmark of what has has been referred to as the "not just the future of dance music, the future of _music_". An album that should be in everyone's collection.

Crazy good!


Review by Wade on May 23, 2021

Love these mad and unusual tracks. Only Toff and his crew of crazies could have done this. So good!
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