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Weird Visions.

Weird Visions.
About this album:
Some curiosities I found on Wikiloops, it was so fun to play on these unordinary songs.
Artwork "Descenders" by Sara Abrams.Evilvince created by Evilvince on 07/17/2018

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I like the weird in music


Review by ERWAN on 07/18/2018

Good album with a lot of original approaches. Glad to be with you friends

Album original


Review by ARNOSOLO on 07/18/2018

MErci Vince pour ce nouvel album. Bonne idée de prendre des morceau un peu "à part" ;-)

What a weird collection indeed


Review by Caroljoyce on 07/17/2018

Thanks for including me in this album Vince. I've discovered some very good things here ! And, I'm glad to have discovered you too ! You're a very good musician able to adapt your playing in any situation, that's remarkable. I really enjoyed this album with eclectic songs but songs that you've chosen in a tasteful way. Great !
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