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Mixed Bag - Indie, Pop, Rock

Mixed Bag - Indie, Pop, Rock
About this album:
I am in the process of organising all the tracks into albums for ease of categorisation. Most fit squarely into designated genres, whilst others are a bit orphan in this regard. Hence the mixed bag. I love the fact that wikiloops allows ventures into music genres that would normally be alien to many of us. The expression that this releases brings a sense of creative satisfaction and delight that we (well, I) could never otherwise realise. Grateful thanks to all the massively talented musicians on this compilation whose huge generosity of spirit allowed these songs to be. gwailoah created by gwailoah on 07/27/2018

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Involved artists:
Balfo Lenny Cowler jmrukkers gwailoah Rickplayer Danalyze45 Stef akethesnaker Keiton mpointon TeeGee BossHen Psycho L3N DannyK ivax FrankieJ Ernie440 pkliesch Pewi ARNOSOLO Simonymous

Great feeling and vocals


Review by Stef on 07/28/2018

Fantastic tracks collection Brother Brian! I'm so happy to be here with you!

A beautiful collection


Review by Pewi on 07/28/2018

It fills me with pride to be in this bag. It's great fun to hear this beautiful collection!

Master Brian


Review by ivax on 07/27/2018

Thanks for share your art

Mixed bag packed by Gwailoah - take two if you can!


Review by TeeGee on 07/27/2018

When you open this bag, there are no surprises. With brother Gwailoah you know what you get: Original lyrics with social messages, distinctive delivery and a lot of humour. All backed by very cool Wikibands. Thanks for having me on this album!
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