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Different Things

Different Things
About this album:
This album runs a small gamut from Jazz-Rock to the blues. It was great fun to do these tracks and I thank the wonderful musicians that posted them!!!Bothen created by Bothen on 08/17/2018

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Involved artists:
akethesnaker Bothen Ernie440 jmrukkers PeterVeillon Slimdaver Marcelo D aleonz dimeomax slin jimkarol AKchen Simonymous MajorTom_III Major 3rd kennyadry moonchild ARNOSOLO JoshDexter

cool collection


Review by AKchen on 08/18/2018

thank you tiger ;D

Great album


Review by ARNOSOLO on 08/20/2018

Thx so much my friend to share such good tracks !

The drummer Man...


Review by slin on 08/17/2018

Thanks so much for including me on this album Ron,a great collection...;););)
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