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Baer, Dick, TeeGee & Friends

Baer, Dick, TeeGee & Friends
About this album:
Baer, Dick, Rich, Fred & Mr. Snuts - legends of Wikiloops!! It was my pleasure to find all those ancient tracks from the dawn of Loops, and have a go with the help of my fellow Wikiloonians that are featured here. I am grateful to be able to be on the same track as all you guys.

Thanks for playing on these tracks, thanks for listening, and if you do, please make sure to contribute to Wikiloops so we can continue to have the best music site on the net :W TeeGee created by TeeGee on 11/16/2018

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Listened: 639 times

Involved artists:
Baer Pete-Silence Davie Bluesman TeeGee Rich MrSnuts 9thaspect Dick Uloisius adu DannyK earlsteven will_C GlezBass Fred Aydenmanza BuzzBomber FunkT kimbo Inkless Fishinmissio

Coooooooooool Album


Review by will_C on 11/23/2018

- Very cool album! - - MUST HEAR! -

Tolle Musik !


Review by Uloisius on 11/18/2018

Mein Glückwunsch zu diesem gelungenen Album mein Lieber ;o) Es freut mich sehr mit dabei sein zu dürfen ;o)
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