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bizarre encounters 3

bizarre encounters 3
About this album:
Bizarre encounters the third part. Many thanks to all participating musicians who made this album possible with their music. A special thanks goes to Dick, who makes us all so happy with his work ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 12/11/2018

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Listened: 464 times

Involved artists:
ericblom AKchen Pexe frankyguitar LoBias piper ivax B427 Leftdaloops1019 hartmut DrStrgeglv josepssv abuitremorem Jolux Midoru JoshDexter GBD BuzzBomber StonyCat WhiteDrum55 Ernie440 bvuster ALawrence1 Fishinmissio ArkRockStudio CameAndWent4-20

thank you ♥


Review by AKchen on 12/11/2018

I love bizarre ;) coole Mischung !!

Is it true


Review by ericblom on 01/08/2019

Great album Uli!! A refined selection, and I'm part of it?

Make me happy


Review by Pexe on 12/13/2018

im Happy

a great honor


Review by abuitremorem on 12/12/2018

I'm happy to be part of this album with such great musicians and I consider that a great honor. Thank you Ulo!

Out of the Box


Review by GBD on 12/11/2018

Off hook no holds bared. Syrial art in music. :D



Review by ArkRockStudio on 12/11/2018

This is a great collection of music I'll say. Glad to share music with such an array of awesome musicians.

Love the Bizarre


Review by WhiteDrum55 on 12/11/2018

Very cool collection of the more eclectic loops. Thanks Uloisius! :W

Happy to be "Bizarre"!


Review by ALawrence1 on 12/11/2018

Very cool album Ulo! Thanks for including my motorcycle anthem:):):)

Super trouper and great


Review by josepssv on 11/25/2021

Thank you very much for this compilation, friend Uloisius!
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