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metal playground 1

metal playground 1
About this album:
Metal sounds from the wiki universe, thunder and lightning, fire and smoke, heavy tones and high tempo await you on this album ... many thanks to all involved musicians who made this album possible and as always a special thanks to Dick for all his work ;o)Uloisius created by Uloisius on 12/29/2018

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Listened: 335 times

Involved artists:
WHITEPONGO Lenny Cowler Evilvince Uloisius Psycho James doo catruett YoWild KellsBells shumdrummer Zamzam Keiton Danalyze45 infectdeck Grimwar Ezdrummer Major 3rd axenvocs mortheol Fabricio L Outpost guitarfan13 SupJax JEF29730 katell29 KMstar Haffast Neca Reaper421 Herman420 BuzzBomber metaled Wikimark ArkRockStudio Inkless

Metal Storm!


Review by Evilvince on 12/30/2018

Another treasure chest. Honored to be in this album.
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