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Violin in clouds

Violin in clouds
About this album:
Hello people, here a mix of some tracks of music planante, to rest your ears ... to listen to the headphones ...
Of course I thank all the composers of these titles
I only added a final touch to your compositions
Thank you to all of youJypeka created by Jypeka on 12/04/2018

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Listened: 696 times

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Such a Good Listen


Review by Wade on 11/18/2021

Very enjoyable to hear where Jypeka was coming from in these earlier tracks and what he's playing now.

Really Good Collection Of Music


Review by TEE-KWA on 11/18/2021

Very Enjoyable Easy Listening Album Of Interesting Tracks. Bravo...

A wonderful compilation Jypeka


Review by Left081120 on 12/11/2018

I would like to personally thank you for including our collaboration in this lovely collection of talented Wikiloopers. I am extremely proud to be part of this.

Great selection!


Review by GlezBass on 12/06/2018

An excellent selection of his jams, I thank you that you have selected me in some tracks with my productions, some are really good when playing with your violin!

Ca plane pour moi !


Review by ARNOSOLO on 12/05/2018

Excellente compil mon ami JP ! Ne pas oublier l'encens surtout avant de lancer la playlist !! lol
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