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BOSSA et Cie

BOSSA et Cie
About this album:
12th album Bossa Latino style because,
I like this music that invites you to move, to swing when you play it too
As usual I invited myself on your beautiful compositions ...................... Once again thank you all! Jypeka created by Jypeka on 03/14/2019

Thumbs: 8
Listened: 649 times

Involved artists:
gabriel289 moonchild jÜrGeN GlezBass Jypeka frankiejazz Melinos pniveiro Alby StJray fanne Andri Marceys Alex Sarikov CameAndWent4-20 FrankieJ Baer Old_Mojo Lutz bleymehl Filo974 ROBJOL jamlady bassman78fr

Very honoured to be among contributors


Review by bassman78fr on 03/14/2019

Very honored to be among the contributors to your CD. I have a marked inclination for South American music. Thanks again to you. :)

Twelve jewels WL music...


Review by GlezBass on 03/14/2019

I have enjoyed the audition of all these tracks, many of them are familiar to me for having collaborated in them and for that I thank Jean Paul :) :)

Super album


Review by ROBJOL on 04/20/2022

Happy to be part of it.

An album full of energy.


Review by Andri on 04/19/2022

I was delighted to hear this compilation of such great music. Thanks for remembering that nice track we made a long time ago.

Soothing, Amazing!!!!


Review by Itocpogo on 04/19/2022

I love Bossa and all these musicians are first rate!!! They can play anything and they take the cool Bossa vive and create soothing melodies and rhythms!!!

Voyages voyages


Review by Tofzegrit on 04/19/2022

Magnifique compilation, full of variations, different colors and talented partners :) You shine !

Nice !!!


Review by Filo974 on 12/21/2019

Merci de m'avoir fait participer à ton album JPK. Très heureux. Ton son est vraiment magnifique ! Thank you for making me participate in your album, JPK. Very happy :) And your sound is really beautiful!


Review by FrankieJ on 03/18/2019

An honor to be included in your works my friend :)
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