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13 Ways To Sound...

13 Ways To Sound...
About this album:
It is a selection that I started in early 2019 using tracks where I use various instruments, sounds and sound effects. They are tracks with good friends from WikiLoops, they are not all because it is impossible to summarize a year of tracks in 13 tracks, but there are different styles and genres included, with the common denominator of sounding in 13 different ways !! Enjoy!GlezBass created by GlezBass on 04/10/2020

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Involved artists:
GlezBass Fishinmissio Tofzegrit Mike_66 mpointon Andri CI Section nadrek CameAndWent4-20 Filo974 jhonrobert

What a Fine Complilation


Review by Wade on 04/11/2020

A wonderful array of styles and sounds.

My Spanish Dancer !!!


Review by Tofzegrit on 04/11/2020

Mario, you always take me to your place and colors, from Latino to jazz, you make better (musically only,!too bad!!!). Thank you Señor. You are also a famous “Monday morning music partner” :) Playing with you thanks to wikiloops is a joy Amigo


Review by Filo974 on 04/10/2020

Great nuanced album with amazing pieces, and I'm honored to be there. Muchas gracias a ti Mario

Amazing album


Review by Andri on 04/10/2020

Un placer estar contigo en este album tan bonito. Gracias amigo!
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