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REA band III

REA band III
About this album:
the REA rocking with some friends!rp3drums created by rp3drums on 07/03/2019

Thumbs: 5
Listened: 263 times

Involved artists:
adu rp3drums Ernie440 Tofzegrit ARNOSOLO Funkystan

Great Album Ray


Review by Ernie440 on 07/05/2019

Of course I'd say it's a great album, I'm on every tune ... LOL ... always a pleasure Ray... Keep rockin' REA!!!

Killer album !


Review by ARNOSOLO on 07/03/2019

Thx so much my friend for this amazing album. We had some fun with the band !!! Yeahhhhhh

Thanks Guys!!!


Review by Funkystan on 07/25/2019

Awesome!!! You guys need a singer? ^^

Really good Rock album from a great band


Review by TeeGee on 07/08/2019

Very good guys, love the sound of this album. Next time invite me for a guest appearance, would love to contribute on a track for you guys. Rock on :W
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