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Ley del Silencio

Ley del Silencio
About this album:
Maybe an empty chair, a lonely place, a broken light, a Law of Silence that oppresses my chest, It is not possible to abide by this Law, ivax and friends skip the rules and join their hands and voices so that the Silence breaks ... Thank you all for these great momentsivax created by ivax on 03/21/2019

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Listened: 621 times

Involved artists:
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Silence broken


Review by axenvocs on 03/21/2019

great album and a fine group of musicians. so glad to be among this group we have had a great connection since our first jam the beer club. hope many more to come

Super album.


Review by davidaustin on 03/21/2019

Always a pleasure to hear your guitar my friend, thanks for including me.

Another Classic Xavi Album


Review by Ernie440 on 03/21/2019

Always a great ride, jamming with Xavi! Such a smooth rocking guitar player with an individual unique sound that always pleases me to listen to and especially, jam with. An honour to be on these tracks on his album.

Fantastico album


Review by mrrockero on 03/22/2019

El albun esta espectacular amigo xavi,habia algunas que no las conocia y me lleve una grata sorpresa,esta fantastico. Muy completo,tiene varios condimentos entretenidos. Eres un gran guitarrista,amigo y gran musico. Me siento muy feliz ser participe de este gran trabajo amigo,felicitaciones por La ley del silencio

To one of the best Wikiloopers


Review by Ezdrummer on 03/21/2019

Thank you for participating and making all the songs on the album better and better

Great album Ivax


Review by Krasimir on 04/27/2022

Good selection. Nice approach. Nice music.

Beautiful Wikimusic


Review by TeeGee on 04/02/2019

I can recognise your guitar playing from the first note I hear, such a distinctive style! Amazing bro! Keep on playing :W

OH Yeahh!!


Review by Mikebanez on 03/24/2019

Always fun and my pleasure to jam with you brother. It ain't over yet!!🍺
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