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Anne Cozean & Friends

Anne Cozean & Friends
About this album:
As I have already done for other Wikiloopers, I wanted to pay tribute to Anne Cozean and her voice that enchant our jams.
With this opus, I also thank all the Wikiloopers who helped us to make these jams.
It’s a lot of fun for me.bassman78fr created by bassman78fr on 03/19/2019

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Listened: 385 times

Involved artists:
marmotte AnneCozean Marceys bassman78fr frenzie Stef OliVBee WhiteDrum55 hurzel jamlady frankiejazz Danalyze45 LeonardFar adu Dafunkydrummer FrankieJ SlonMusic FrankMil Lenny Cowler

Cool track!


Review by frankiejazz on 03/21/2019

And very nice album!

Awesome album


Review by fblack on 03/20/2019

I like it a lot, Anne's voice is hypnotic, very good album Philippe!

Thank you!


Review by AnneCozean on 03/20/2019

I'm so glad these tunes called you, Philippe! Thank you for this delicious collection of players. :)

Great album by some amazing musos


Review by FrankMil on 03/20/2019

Ms. Cozean, a legendary looper. Thanks for adding my simple track. Her voice shines on this. The bass and drums are also flawless. The other tracks make for some very fine listenning Thanks, Frank.
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