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About this album:
Herzlichen Dank allen Musikern!jamlady created by jamlady on 04/25/2020

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Listened: 110 times

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MajorTom_III jamlady AKchen Pewi mortheol GlezBass Moor 21UR Fabricio L Reaper421 Wikimark JoshDexter Blueberry ArkRockStudio Inkless Sergal ERWAN ROBJOL

ja, schöne & coole Sammlung :)


Review by AKchen on 04/28/2020

wie Pewi so schön schreibt :)) Danke Klaudia

Nice album


Review by Blueberry on 04/26/2020

Nice album Jam Lady. Enjoyed listening. Surreal times we are living in. I feel honored i have contributed a small part of your music.

Ein tolle Sammlung


Review by Pewi on 04/26/2020

Es ist mir eine besondere Ehre hier dabei sein zu dürfen🤝



Review by Filo974 on 04/25/2020

Well, this is a GREAT wonderful album Claudia as I like to hear sometimes. Thank you for sharing your selection

Surreal jams


Review by GlezBass on 04/25/2020

Good title! thanks to Claudia for included me in one of my most surreal ever I do for this site! ;)

out the usual roads


Review by ERWAN on 04/25/2020

A superb collection, this album breaks the boundaries between classical instruments and contemporary sounds. Thank you Claudia

Very nice Theme


Review by ROBJOL on 04/25/2020

Very good idea.
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